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At Ames Electrical Consulting, we provide our customers with a full level of Electrical Schematics and CAD drawings for control systems. After many, many years of using the industry standard Autocad Electrical Software for all of our control designs, we have switched over and standardized with EPlan. Our designers and panel shop have grown accustomed to the minor changes in the EPlan platform, and all for the better. We have also seen, over the past few years, an immediate labor cost savings for control system development of over 20% using EPlan over Autocad Electrical. Increased quality, time savings and optimised processes using future-proof engineering solutions are only a few of the items that EPlan continues to bring to our design team. Whether you specify Autocad Electrical or EPlan, Ames Electrical has the solution.

Eplan provides software and service solutions in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Mechatronics engineering. Eplan develops one of the world's leading design software solutions for panel builders, machines, and manufacturing plants. At Ames Electrical we are professionally trained and proficient in Eplan Software allowing us to develop CAD designed uniquely to each customer and project.

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