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Ames Electrical Wins Best and Brightest at the 102nd Winter Carnival Parade of Lights for a Second Year in a Row!

Ames Electrical celebrates a second win in the Parade of Lights, marking only its third participation in the event. The parade of lights held each year to help kick off the winter carnival had a phenomenal turnout of participants and onlookers. Ames Electrical is excited to make next year's participation even more spectacular. "We aim to go bigger and better, solidifying our reputation as Best and Brightest in the Parade of Lights tradition." As a spectator stated during the awards ceremony, "If an electrical company didn't win the parade of lights I would be very disappointed."

As always, we want to thank the Greenfield Recreation Department for holding such a great event year after year. Thank you for all that came out and we hope to see you next year!

The Parade of Lights Friday night during the 102nd annual Winter Carnival in Greenfield with a "Season Switch-Up" theme.

Check out the Greenfield Recorders great article on the weekends events.

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