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Ames Electrical Wins Best & Brightest at the 101st Parade of lights.

It was a bright, chilly day in Greenfield Massachusetts when the 101st Annual Parade of Lights shined through town and Ames Electrical took home the Best and Brightest Award. The sense of community was unbeatable, with so many friends and family who came to show their support on that cold day. While all may have been freezing, the cheering and support of the community certainly generated some much-appreciated warmth. We can't wait to see what next year brings - we might have to bring some more lights for next year’s performance this time around!

Ames is especially thankful to the greenfield recreation department for organizing such a spectacular parade this year. The parade of lights was postponed from Friday night to Saturday night due to the cold weather. Fortunately, The Greenfield Recreation Department organized an amazing parade that did not disappoint! We are thankful for their hard work and dedication in making sure that this beloved tradition could still take place safely.

Ames Electrical celebrated their second annual Greenfield Parade of Lights this past weekend in a show of cheer and camaraderie. With sparkling Christmas lights decorating the vehicles that lined up along Main Street. We hope to see you next year for another incredible event.

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