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We Are Now A UL 508A Certified PaneI shop!

UL 508A Certified!

Ames Electrical Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are a UL 508A certified panel shop! In addition to our high quality electrical control panels, we now provide certification of Industrial Control Panels to UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels.

Our Industrial Control Panel Shop manufactures custom-built and/or mass-produced ICPs to apply the UL Mark for U.S. and Canadian factories. We make it convenient to receive a UL certification mark while allowing maximum flexibility in your panel design. No need to send the system to UL or call them to certify, we can build your custom control panel AND self-certify the system in our panel shop, applying the familiar sticker when it is completed. When regulators, specifiers and end-product certifiers see the familiar UL Mark, you can be confident that the panel has met the certification requirements!

Whether you need 1, 10, 100 units (or more), contact Randy Ames today for a quote for your custom UL Listed Control Panel!!

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