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Randy Ames (President) graduates from "Streetwise MBA" Emerging Leaders Program!

Randy Ames, now an Interise Alumni, looks to grow the company to the next level.

Back in February of 2021, Randy Ames noticed a small article in the local chamber of commerce for growing your company. Always intrigued for ideas, he signed up for the informational webinar. After a 60 minute interview in March, he was selected to fill 1 of the 20 available seats (out of 60 applicants!) for the Springfield Cohort of the Emerging Leaders Program with the U. S. Small Business Administration for 2021!

“Showing up on day one to meet the fellow classmates from around the state via Zoom was somewhat daunting. Homework? Huh?? I got a first hand lesson in education during a pandemic in the year 2021, “ laughs Randy. But never one to shy away from any task, he locked his office door on Wednesday afternoons to emerge 3 hours later.

Starting in May and completing in November, there was ample time to form new business associates and learn from everyone in the program. “Every day brought another new aspect of operating a business, which often meant “best practices””, explained Randy. “It wasn’t just those 3 hour classes on Wednesdays, but we were split up into smaller groups where we chose to meet on Wednesdays when we weren’t in class. It was a lot of time.”

The final piece was a formal 3 year strategic growth plan that was presented to the class, as well as area business leaders. “And they cut you off at 15 minutes. That’s what you had to prep for due to time constraints. But at the end of the program, I have a written plan that will provide me with a “roadmap” for the immediate future of Ames Electrical Consulting, Inc. That’s incredibly exciting!” Randy said.

“I've committed seven months to enhancing and growing my #smallbiz skills. Today I'm a proud graduate of @Interise award winning StreetWise 'MBA' program. #InteriseStrong

We here at Ames Electrical Consulting, are very proud and excited about the growth plans Randy has already put into place, including our new Employee Training Program, and are looking forward to a very bright future!

Congratulations, Randy!

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