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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Full Systems

From concept to design to production, we implement cost-effective, turnkey solutions to achieve your automation needs. Using a collaborative approach, we identify production goals and challenges. If you are looking for a company that can take you from idea to production on a custom machine, Ames Electrical has that experience to provide you with a completed system on time and on budget. We have years of experience working with other OEM's to bring in the best associates to manage and execute your turnkey project. Our engineers will manage, design and coordinate our electrical control systems into your equipment to improve production, reduce operating costs, and enhance responsiveness to market demands.


UL508A & 698A Panel Shop

Ames Electrical Consulting, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are a UL 508A/698A certified panel shop! In addition to our high quality electrical control panels, we now provide certification of Industrial Control Panels to UL 508A/698A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels.

Our Industrial Control Panel Shop manufactures custom-built and/or mass-produced ICPs to apply the UL Mark for U.S. and Canadian factories. We make it convenient to receive a UL certification mark while allowing maximum flexibility in your panel design. No need to send the system to UL or call them to certify, we can build your custom control panel AND self-certify the system in our panel shop, applying the familiar sticker when it is completed. When regulators, specifiers and end-product certifiers see the familiar UL Mark, you can be confident that the panel has met the certification requirements!

Here at Ames Electrical, we work hard with our customers to ensure satisfaction. From initial design to delivery of our custom control panels, our projects are total turnkey and focused on keeping you competitive! With the UL 508A/698A Listed options to your panels, our quality of work is second to none!

Whether you need 1, 10, 100 units (or more), contact Randy Ames today for a quote for your custom UL Listed Control Panel!!


Ames Electrical provides industrial control programming for PLC-based control systems, vision systems, servo motion control, and much more. We’ll work with you to identify your project scope and specifications and develop the necessary programming solutions. We will then implement, configure, debug, and test to ensure full functionality. Whether it is state of the art systems or an obsolete controller from the early days of automation in the 70's and 80's, Ames Electrical has the experiance and breadth of programming to service your needs.



At Ames Electrical Consulting, we provide our customers with a full level of Electrical Schematics and CAD drawings for control systems. After many, many years of using the industry standard Autocad Electrical Software for all of our control designs, we have switched over and standardized with EPlan. Our designers and panel shop have grown accustomed to the minor changes in the EPlan platform, and all for the better. We have also seen, over the past few years, an immediate labor cost savings for control system development of over 20% using EPlan over Autocad Electrical. Increased quality, time savings and optimised processes using future-proof engineering solutions are only a few of the items that EPlan continues to bring to our design team. Whether you specify Autocad Electrical or EPlan, Ames Electrical has the solution.

Eplan provides software and service solutions in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Mechatronics engineering. Eplan develops one of the world's leading design software solutions for panel builders, machines, and manufacturing plants. At Ames Electrical we are professionally trained and proficient in Eplan Software allowing us to develop CAD designed uniquely to each customer and project.


Control panels & control systems are a specialized discipline, especially when modern, automated systems must interact with complex cues from the work environment. Whatever industry you operate in, you need a partner whose understanding of industrial controls engineering matches your understanding of your own business. Ames Electrical works collaboratively with our customers to evaluate your individual control requirements and propose intelligent, cost-effective solutions.



Ames Electrical can support manufacturing companies facing electrical issues with their production equipment. Our seasoned troubleshooting team can quickly identify, diagnose, and solve many types of electrical and other mechanical problems.

Working in the management of an electrical system is always risky. When electrical troubleshooting work is not done by a certified electrical specialist, the odds of accidental electrocutions or electrical fire increase. At Ames Electrical, our team of licensed electricians are trained to work in the industrial manufacturing sector. We know about machine-safety rules and principles and follow strict lockout procedures. Our electrical troubleshooting interventions are safe and efficient for our customers providing you additional piece of mind.

Machine Safety Risk Assessments

The requirements on the safeguarding of machinery have changed more and more with the increasing use of automation. In the past, protective devices in the work process were something of a nuisance; for this reason, they were often not used at all. Innovative technology has enabled protective devices to be integrated into the work process. As a result, they are no longer a hindrance for the operator; in fact, they often even help productivity. For this reason, reliable protective devices integrated into the workplace are essential these days.

During the design and manufacturing of machinery, the machine manufacturer shall identify and evaluate all possible hazards and hazardous points by undertaking a risk assessment (formerly also called a hazard analysis).

Based on this risk assessment, the machine manufacturer shall take suitable design measures to eliminate or reduce the risk. If the risk cannot be eliminated by these design measures or the remaining risk cannot be tolerated, the machine manufacturer shall select and apply suitable protective devices, and provide information on the residual risks if necessary.

To ensure the intended measures work correctly, overall validity is necessary. This overall validation shall evaluate the design and technical measures, as well as the organizational measures in context.


Ames Electrical has the knowledge and experience to properly support and assist you in addressing machine safety. We work closely with your staff (engineering, safety, HR, maintenance and production) to correctly identify your production equipment safety hazards. One of the firsts things OSHA will request after an industrial machine accident is for the safety risk assessment. Our goal is to provide the proper documentation and safety records to increase safety awareness on your equipment and employee safety in the workplace.

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